The Best Paint for a Plaster Sculpture: 10 Incredible Choices

best paint for plaster sculpture

My mother, before she retired, was an art and music teacher at the elementary school level. As kids growing up, we got to play with paper mache, clay, plaster, and paint. Though as kids we didn’t know it, our mother knew which painting surfaces for which acrylic paint was suitable. If you don’t know what types of paint to use, don’t worry. Your options for the best paint for a plaster sculpture will adhere to the plaster.

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In addition, you will want to use a sealant after you paint your sculpture to protect its color.

What Types of Paint Are the Best Paint for a Plastic Sculpture

There are many types of paint, including matte paint, watercolors, and gloss paint. However, be aware that acrylic paints specifically are the best paint for a plaster sculpture. Any other type of paint will produce inferior results.

What to Know About Acrylic Paint

Acrylic paint gets its name from its chemical composition: polymethyl methacrylate. This component of the paint is a thermoplastic. Also, note that acrylic paints dry out relatively quickly, though you can use a small water spray bottle to keep them wet.

You Have Questions; We Have Answers

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It’s natural to have questions about acrylic paint.

1. Will acrylic paints stain my skin?

2. What is the best type of sealing agent for plaster sculptures?

3. Do oil-based paints work well on plaster sculptures?

4. Is it easy to get acrylic paint out of fabrics like clothing or carpet?

5. Can you use watercolor painting techniques with the best paint for a plaster sculpture?

How We Reviewed the Best Paint for a Plaster Sculpture

We reviewed the best paint for a plaster sculpture by researching a variety of sources, one of which is YouTube unboxing reviews. Naturally, we also took Amazon customer reviews into account. Additionally, we also took reviews into account from the BestOfMachinery website.

Introducing the Best Paint for a Plaster Sculpture

The best paint for a plaster sculpture typically has between 12 and 30 tubes of paint.

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The first product qualifying as the best paint for a plaster sculpture is a Benicci product. This paint set comes with 24 bottles of acrylic paint in a range of colors.

But we liked that it’s a complete paint set and not just tubes of paint. In addition to the acrylics, this package also comes with a range of paintbrushes — and even a mixing art knife and a sponge.

As such, if you are just starting and don’t have all the tools on hand, this set may be for you.

One mixed reviewer claims that even though they like the paintbrush set and case, they think the actual tools are better than the paint.

However, a positive customer review says that it is an excellent set for beginners.

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The ​Crafts 4 All Acrylic Paint Set is another option for the best paint for a plaster sculpture.

This package is not directly comparable with the previous paint set, because this package does not include nearly as many paintbrushes or additional tools.

Instead, it only comes with three paintbrushes, and it only comes with 12 tubes of acrylic paint as well.

That said, we did like that it’s less than half the price of the previous model.

And despite the fact it only has 12 tubes of paint, the manufacturer claims that the paints blend, layer, and mix well enough to create an unlimited array of shades for any project.

Sadly, one customer claimed that by the time they received the paints, only two tubes hadn’t dried up, making the whole kit unusable.

On a more positive note, one reviewer claimed the quality of the paint is very high and that the colors are incredibly vibrant.

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The next option for the best paint for a plaster sculpture is the ​Apple Barrel Paint Set.

One thing we like about this package over the previous paint set is that this set comes with 18 colors. However, note that it’s almost twice the cost of the last kit.

Also, be aware that this kit includes paint only, and does not include sponges or paintbrushes of any kind.

The manufacturer claims that this paint glides on smoothly and dries quickly and that you can use it with multiple mediums, including brushes, stamps, stencils, and sponges.

Furthermore, the manufacturer also asserts that this paint is excellent for a variety of surfaces, including plaster, terra cotta, tin, Styrofoam, and wood.

One negative customer review claimed that half of the paints in their package were old and not smooth.

On a more positive note, one reviewer said that they’re a great option for both beginners and pros and that they liked the price.

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The ​ARTEZA Acrylic Paint Set, the next best paint for a plaster sculpture, comes in a storage case unlike any of the previous models. This package includes 24 tubes of paint, though it does have a price more towards the high end of the spectrum.

One thing we loved about this product is that it has a 100 percent money-back guarantee. The manufacturer claims that if you’re not satisfied, you can return the paint for a no-hassle refund or replacement, which is always a good thing for the customer.

Furthermore, these paints are certified safe and non-toxic, as well as ACMI-certified, making them appropriate for kids as well as adults.

Unfortunately, this kit only contains rich and vivid paints and lacks additional tools like paintbrushes and sponges.

One glowing review claimed that these paints are high-quality enough to please both amateurs and advanced artists.

Conversely, a negative reviewer said that the lids on their paint tubes broke.

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The next product qualifying as the best paint for a plaster sculpture is the ​Magicfly Acrylic Paint Set.

This kit is more expensive than all of the previous paint sets, but to account for the extra cost, it comes with more paint.

This set comes 30 different colors and three brushes too. Plus, it is safe and non-toxic, adhering to the ASTM D4236 and EN71 standards for safety.

The manufacturer asserts that it can not only be brushed, but also stamped and stenciled and that it’s applicable for canvas, paper, wood, stone, and ceramic as well.

As an acrylic paint set, the manufacturer also says that you can easily clean up with soap and warm water.

This set also comes with a 100 percent satisfaction guaranteed. If you are dissatisfied, the manufacturer offers free customer service and a money-back guarantee.

Do note, however, that one disgruntled customer review claimed that their paint wouldn’t stay wet longer than five minutes.

However, a positive customer review said that they thought this set had a great variety of colors for only a buck each.

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The ​Mont Marte Acrylic Paint Set is another great option for the best paint for a plaster sculpture. This acrylic paint set has a price more towards the middle of the pricing spectrum. And it comes with 24 colors, each in a 36-milliliter bottle, which Mont Marte claims is suitable for most art techniques.

In addition to plaster, this set is applicable for canvas, wood, fabric, leather, cardboard, ceramics, paper, MDF, and crafts.

Furthermore, the manufacturer says that they are easy to mix and that their clarity and brilliance allow for a broad color palette, shades, and tones.

We do wish it came with extra tools, like sponges and brushes, but for its price, we think it has an admirable array of colors.

Nevertheless, one unhappy customer reviewer claims that the paints are thin and watery and that they don't blend well with minimal coverage.

However, a positive customer reviewer says that they’re great for acrylic brush painting as well as fluid art.

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Color Technik manufactures the next option for the best paint for a plaster sculpture.

Each color comes in a two-ounce bottle, though it doesn’t come with extra brushes or sponges.

Though it’s not the most expensive alternative, for its price range, we wish it had more than 18 bottles of acrylic paint.

Still, we did like that it’s non-toxic and that it comes with a hassle-free money-back guarantee.

Color Technik is a family-owned business and asserts that its paint is excellent for crafts, nails, metal, fabric, canvas, paper, ceramic, clay, and wood in addition to plaster.

One positive reviewer said that this paint set compares to name brand paints and that they’re outstanding for the price.

On the other hand, a negative reviewer claimed their bottles weren’t even half full.

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The next best paint for a plaster sculpture is a ​Zenacolor product. We were impressed that this set has a price cheaper than the average alternative, yet it comes with 24 different colors.

Like most other acrylic paint sets, the Zenacolor paint is non-toxic and ACMI-Certified.

In addition, this product covers the entire color spectrum and is easy to mix. The manufacturer claims it offers an infinite range of colors and that you can combine the paint in as little as a few seconds.

Furthermore, being that it’s a family-run business, Zenacolor offers a 100 percent satisfaction and a money-back guarantee, though only for 30 days.

Encouragingly, multiple positive reviews expressed satisfaction with their purchase.

But a negative review claimed that upon arrival, several paint tubes in their kit were empty.

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Shuttle Art makes the next best alternative for the best paint for a plaster sculpture. We were surprised that this kit comes with 30 different colors, each in a 12-milliliter tube because this paint set has a price lower than the average kit.

Plus, this paint set even comes with three different-sized brushes. And not only does the manufacturer say that this kit is great for artists, but also that it is excellent for teenagers and beginners.

Also, the paints dry quickly, and Shuttle Art claims that they stay fixed on a surface very well and that they’re waterproof and fade-proof.

And though some paint sets appear watery and thin, this kit has a thick and rich pigment to make colors appear solid.

The leading critical reviewer said that they thought these paints were cheaply made and that there was too much air inside the tubes.

Nevertheless, a positive review said that this is a great paint set with high quality, vibrant colors, and a reasonable price.

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The last option for the best paint for a plaster sculpture is the ​Sargent Art Acrylic Paint Set.

This set is a bit of a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it’s more expensive than all of the previous kits. On the other hand, this set has paint bottles larger than any of the previous models.

Each of its 12 colors comes in a large 16-ounce bottle, which will last longer than the average alternative.

Naturally, the acrylic paint is water-resistant after drying and non-toxic. We also liked that Sargent Art makes this product in the USA.

One art teacher gave a negative review admitting crazing after the paint dried. However, a positive reviewer said that the paint quality is good and that it works well for pouring.

Putting the Finishing Touches on Your Sculpture

Not all paint sets are equal. If you don’t need extras like brushes and sponges, you can save money by opting for a set like the last model, which only supplies the artist with paint.

If you have any personal advice, anecdotes, or experience with the best paints for plaster sculpture, we invite you to comment below.

Featured Image by Douglas R Witt from Flickr


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