Best Pottery Tools: Feel Like a Pro with These Tools

best pottery tools

Are you looking for the best pottery tools for trimming and carving clay? Choosing the right pottery tool is necessary to get your job done right.

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There are several different pottery tools you can purchase, and all come in various price ranges. However, figuring out what tools are best can be a tough job.

So, how do you choose? There are a few things you'll like to know when buying the best pottery tools.

Learning About the Techniques of Making Pottery

Wheel-throwing and hand-built are the two primary methods of making pottery. For the hand-building method, you only need a piece of clay and your hands. This method involves techniques such as pinch pot, coiling, and slab.

In the pinch pot technique, a pottery maker kneads and presses the clay into the shape of a cup, bowl, or pot.

In the coiling technique, the pottery maker rolls the clay until it forms a long roll. After that, the artist creates different shapes by putting one coil on top of another coil.


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In the slab technique, the pottery maker cuts a slice of clay into shapes and then joins them to form an object.

On the other hand, wheel-thrown pottery needs in-depth knowledge about how to manage the clay and work the wheel while it's rotating. Potters use wheels to mold clay into various shapes. You power these wheels manually or with electricity.

Tools Used for Pottery

Here are some of the tools used for pottery.

All about measurements

Wire all around

An excellent tool

Give them a nice shape

Use that skin

Don’t be messy

Woods are lovely

A nice storage

This needle doesn’t hurt

Ribbon, ribbon everywhere

Types of Pottery

Stoneware, porcelain, and earthenware are the three of pottery. Let’s learn about them.

Get that stone

Stay close to nature

A shell worth holding onto

Understanding Pottery Classifications

There are many pottery classifications among the primary forms of pottery.

Colors to make you smile

Where is the cream?

Black is good

Get that cauliflower

What’s that, biscuit?

About those whites and blues

A lovely pearl

Love that glaze

Natural is beautiful

What’s in a name?

Red is cool

A beautiful stone

A slip here and a slip there

Spatter, spatter and spatter

Where is the tortoise?

How We Reviewed the Best Pottery Tools

We put together this guide to help you find the pottery tool that best meets your requirements. To find the best pottery tools for you, we compared features, material, durability, and ease of use for different pottery tools.

Also, we analyzed professional as well as customer reviews of many pottery tools. Plus, we paid particular attention to customer feedback.

We read professional reviews from sites such as Spinning PotsMudToolsPottery Crafters, Amazon, and Atoya Reviews.

Create Gorgeous Pottery with the Best Pottery Tools

Here are some of the best pottery tools you can buy right now. Please note that our list of best pottery tools is in no particular order, though.

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You can easily clean your greenware with this toolset. Apart from this, you can also use these tools to create incredible decorative effects on leather and moist or hard clay. What’s more, these versatile tools are durable and long-lasting and feature metal tips and wooden handles.

Finally, this set includes different tools that are perfect for sculpting, molding, and shaping clay. Plus, it's ideal for artists, students, and beginners alike.

Most of Amazon reviewers are happy with this product. They say that it's of good quality and performs well.

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This set provides you with many shaping options from scoops, scrapers, burnishers, and knives. The tools are made of stainless steel and have knurled handles for a secure and firm grip.

And this set is ideal for shaping, scraping, modeling, cutting, and carving. It works perfectly well with wood, molds, jewelry, electronics, and ceramics.

Amazon customers say that this product works perfectly and is of good quality. In fact, many say it's one of the best pottery tools.

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The set includes rubber tip pens and dotting tools that are ideal for making color shaping and dots. This toolset is excellent for making smooth lines and dots in clay and sculpture, making paper flowers, or embossing on soft paper

It's suitable for use in school as well as home. What’s more, you can use this set for sculpting and shaping.

A majority of Amazon customers recommend this tool set and say that it's an excellent buy for the price.

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You can easily fit this sponge in your hand. A natural pigment has been used to dye these sponges. Also, these sponges are created from materials that are durable and environmentally friendly at the same time.

One Amazon reviewer says that this sponge works great and is well made.

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These are classic tools for sculpting, hand-building, or throwing clay on the wheel. And they can easily fit in your hand. These tools are created from a special flexible material that does not form cracks or burrs under regular use. In addition to this, they come in various colors and sizes.

One Amazon reviewer says that this rib is small but is of excellent quality.

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This is a special and versatile tool for hand-building and throwing, as well. What’s so good about this tool is that it's manufactured in the United States and is constructed of durable and strong 20-gauge stainless steel. Finally, it has five different edges for versatility when hand-building or throwing.

One Amazon buyer says that this tool is strong and good that works perfectly well. Another customer says that it's easy and fun to use.

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This tool is built of flexible and thin stainless steel and is perfect for finishing, shaping, and smoothing. It has various shapes, and its flexible blades help form a flat surface on clay.

This is a great tool for polymer clay sculpting, candle art, and cake making, and is useful for professionals as well as beginners.

One Amazon reviewer notes that these tools are strong and kid-proof. They enjoy these tools more for their own pottery.

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The blade is 8 inches in length, built of stainless steel, and makes small thin cuts. In fact, you can create a variety of shapes with this blade.

The blades are great for cutting polymer clay. They are composed of high carbon steel that helps combat oxidation. These blades are the best pottery tools.

Amazon reviewers say that this product is easy to handle and cuts beautifully.

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You can use this pottery tool for several craft projects, such as icing cookies, sugar paste, bread dough, ceramic clay, and polymer clay.

Additionally, it includes 20 unique stainless steel discs for a wide range of designs. The best thing about this gun extruder is that it's easy to clean and use.

What’s more, you can disassemble this tool into three parts for easy cleaning. The set is created from a sturdy and durable aluminum alloy that is light in weight.

Customers on Amazon say that it's nice, sharp, easy to use, well made, and works well.

Get Creative with the Best Pottery Tools

All the tools mentioned above are ideal for all skill levels. They will definitely help you bring your ideas to life. In fact, these are the best pottery tools that do everything you need them to do and make everything a breeze.

The best thing about these tools is that they're very affordable and work out excellently. And they will give you the ability to work for hours. Finally, they're of great quality.

Which one on our list of best pottery tools is your favorite? Let us know in the comment section.

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