Speedball Clay Boss Pottery Wheel Review

Clay Boss pottery wheel review

As a crafter who earns his living making things, the thought of a Clay Boss pottery wheel review intrigued me. The art of throwing pottery has always appealed to my inner crafter and remains something I have always wanted to try. And as a crafter, I know the importance of having the correct equipment for the job at hand.

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There remains something romantic about pottery wheels, thanks in part to a famous scene from a particular film. What else would a Clay Boss pottery wheel review show you? Well, roll up your sleeves and prepare to throw a pot or two!

The Clay Boss Pottery Wheel Review

The ​Clay Boss pottery wheel is a professional grade electric pottery wheel with a powerful motor and a 14-inch wheel.

If you are a ceramicist looking for a professional wheel to make pots, perhaps at home as a small business, then the Clay Boss pottery wheel is the ideal size and specification for the budding crafter.

While the wheel remains an investment because the equipment sits at the higher end of the pottery wheel market, if you are serious about your craft, then the investment may prove invaluable.

Speedball Clay Boss Pottery Wheel

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The Right Wheel for the Right Job

It is essential to consider the type of work you wish to undertake before purchasing the best pottery wheel. Because it may represent a significant investment, you want to ensure your machine is capable of performing all the functions you require.

If you're a starter, don’t just think of beginner packages, because if you want to advance, you will need a bigger, better machine. Consider a pottery wheel that will see you further into your craft and offer longevity.

Are you looking to work from home, or do you need portability? Some machines may prove very heavy, so this is worth taking into consideration.


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With that in mind, where do you plan to work? Do you have a space you can dedicate to your pottery? Remember, you will be throwing wet, sticky clay about, so an area put aside for your craft may prove invaluable.

Electric pottery wheels tend to be lighter than their manually operated counterparts. Keep that in mind, when you come to choose your model.

The Clay Boss Pottery Review Throws a Pot

The equipment boasts a 10-year guarantee, which in itself seems impressive. The manufacturer claims the machine provides all the necessary features demanded by artists; however, they enclose an instructional DVD with the wheel, which may prove advantageous for those less experienced.

making a pot

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The wheel comes complete with two free bats for shaping and molding your clay. However, this Clay Boss pottery wheel review wants you to know more, so let's not glaze over the significant bits!

Classy clay

Bigger wheel, bigger pots

Robust design

Clay Boss Pottery Wheel Review Highs and Lows

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So far, so good. The machine certainly sounds like it will perform well. However, what do customers think about the product?

Glaze (Pros)

  • Soul Ceramics customers love its sturdy frame and ease of use
  • Craft Schmatt thought it represented excellent value for money
  • Amazon customers appreciate its quiet operation and found it very easy to clean
  • Amazon users also found the machine very easy to assemble and remained impressed with the 10-year guarantee

Throw (CONS)

  • Some Amazon customers remained unimpressed with the quality of the machine
  • While some users complained the wheel did not come with the free bats, the manufacturer did rectify that error
  • Craft Schmatt points out that inexperienced users may find difficulty using clay weighing more than 15 pounds
  • Also, Craft Schmatt feels the machine is heavy and not easily transportable

Adding Some Glaze to This Review

Amazon remains one of the main sites to read reviews, which is invaluable when researching a product. However, Craft Schmatt proved a valuable source of information with regards to pottery wheels and their benefits.

In addition, the manufacture’s site, Speedball, gave me a great deal of information with regards to the specifications of the pottery wheel.

The Great Pottery Showdown

potter making pot

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There remain many different types of pottery wheels on the market, both for the beginner and the more experienced potter. We will now throw our clay down to look at some alternatives to the Clay Boss pottery wheel.

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The ​YaeTek 25cm pottery wheel weighs 30 pounds and has a 9.84-inch wheel. With a speed of 0-300 rpm, the pottery wheel is a powerful piece of equipment suitable for both home use and teaching classes.

The machine is of sturdy construction because it is crafted from aluminum alloy. It also employs a power supply using a single-phase, three wire access leakage protection device, ensuring its safe and reliable operation.

The machine runs smoothly with very little noise and also comes complete with a foot pedal.

With variable speed capacity, the machine is capable of reversing the direction of the wheel using an easy to use control switch.

Glaze (Pros)

  • Amazon customers enjoyed its ease of use
  • Customers like the price and find the wheel value for money
  • The pottery wheel represents an excellent starting point for learners and more advanced enthusiasts

Throw (CONS)

  • Amazon customers complained the machine does not come with paddles
  • Some users claim it could benefit from having a base

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The ​U.S. Art Supply pottery wheel boasts a sturdy professional-grade heavy-duty .75 horsepower motor. The machine has an 11-inch wheel and a 2-part splash pan.

The wheel holds up to 25 pounds of clay and also includes an LCD speed display. The speed is controlled via a control knob or a foot pedal. The maximum speed of the wheel is 300 rpm.

The pottery wheel comes complete with the foot pedal, and you may also change the direction of the rotation of the wheel.

Because of the power of the motor, the pottery wheel may cope with many sizes of pots, making it extremely versatile. The machine weighs 43 pounds and has a 1-year warranty.

Glaze (Pros)

  • Amazon customers love its value for money and versatility
  • Users enjoy the portability of the wheel and robust design
  • Craft Schmafft like its smooth and relatively quiet operation

Throw (CONS)

  • Some users complain that the parts do not fit together correctly
  • Customers have complained that the foot pedal remains too small for practical use
  • A few customers have complained about the poor build quality

Clay Boss Pottery Wheel Review in a Spin

Creating your own ceramic pieces need not be a thing of dreams, for as we have discovered, the equipment remains readily available. Once you have decided on the type of work you wish to undertake, then nothing must stop you from exploring this exquisite art form.

The American Ceramic Society has some fantastic information concerning pottery. In addition, if this is something you wish to take up, then why not look out for classes to learn or improve your skills?

Writing this Clay Boss pottery wheel review has inspired me to explore a side of my crafty nature I have always resisted. The Clay Boss pottery wheel, while it remains at the higher end of the price bracket, does represent a machine that will make future proof my crafty needs.

Are you a ceramicist? Do you use a pottery wheel? Let us know in the comments what pottery wheel you use. Perhaps you have some information for classes that we may share? Drop us a comment and let us know how you got started with this beautiful craft.

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